It has been a long time since I took my Leica Minilux out to play. Such a beast of a little camera--I have dropped it and yet it remains functioning and sharp as ever. I forgot how much I love this little camera. Working so much, especially in the camera industry, can sometimes make it easy to forget the fun, the pointlessness, the wonderful randomness that is taking simple snapshots of seemingly nothing. This summer, I hope to have a camera with me everywhere I go.


Finally, I brought my F100 to life. I bought it a long time ago, yet I've never owned a lens for it. How silly, right? I picked up a cheap little 35-70mm from work and gave it a go. A few weeks ago, my best friends got married, and I made quite a lot of photos there, but I haven't shared those photos yet.... Those are for another day. But ever since that weekend, I have been so inspired to use the camera.  On a whim, I bought some Portra 800, texted Cheyenne, and before long we made our way downtown. I couldn't be happier with the results. Her and I always make a great team.  I can't wait to make more pictures.

(Just realized this last frame ^^ was shot with the Mamiya 645 Pro. I have a few more frames from it, but I enjoyed working quickly with the F100 moreso. )